April 24, 2024
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Apr 24, 2024
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With no additional oxygen, Sajid Sadpara climbs Mount Everest, making history.

Sajid Sadpara.

It would be a remarkable accomplishment and would go down in history if Sajid Sadpara managed to ascend Mount Everest without using any additional oxygen. The high altitude, low oxygen levels, and severe weather conditions make climbing Mount Everest without additional oxygen a difficult task.

The difficult circumstances at high altitude are overcome by many climbers who attempt to reach the top of Mount Everest by using supplemental oxygen to assist them breathe. However, climbing without the use of oxygen is thought to be a more pure kind of climbing and calls for greater levels of ability, experience, and physical and mental stamina.


If Sajid Sadpara were to succeed in climbing Mount Everest without using oxygen, he would be one of a few number of climbers who have done so. It would involve a.