April 24, 2024
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Apr 24, 2024
United States: 08:24 AM|
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United Arab Emriates: 04:24 PM

“Expert DC Power Transmission Professionals in Pakistan Sharing the Most Advanced Technologies”

Mir Arslan Ali is instructing young engineers at the Matiari Converter Station, the beginning of Pakistan’s main power transmission route, the 886-km Matiari to Lahore 660kV HVDC Transmission Line.

Mir Arslan Ali, Assistant Duty Officer of the Control and Protection Department, is happy to see that the most recent technology is being handed on to local specialists because he was one of the project’s first DC power transmission talents from Pakistan.

The number of qualified DC power transmission engineers has increased from 16 to approximately 30 since the project’s 2020 completion.

The engineers who will form the core of Pakistan’s power transmission industry are learning about various fault scenarios on the site of the nation’s first HVDC transmission project.