May 18, 2024
  • United States: 07:22 AM
  • Canada: 07:22 AM
  • United Arab Emriates: 03:22 PM
May 18, 2024
United States: 07:22 AM|
Canada: 07:22 AM|
United Arab Emriates: 03:22 PM

Controversy Surrounding Maria B’s Unauthorized Photoshoot in a Cemetery

The Maria B brand has come under fire from a member of the Abbasi family of Bahawalpur, the erstwhile nawabs of the once princely state, for posting and then removing images and videos of a campaign taken at their personal family cemetery.

The images were published on Facebook on Thursday and are from the designer’s latest collection, Roohi.

Pictures from several Bahawalpur sites were used in the campaign. One of the areas where the models are seen wandering and twirling around has been recognised as the Bahawalpur royal family’s private graveyard.

Since then, Maria B’s page has apologised for the “unfortunate situation” and erased the videos and photographs.