May 18, 2024
  • United States: 05:35 AM
  • Canada: 05:35 AM
  • United Arab Emriates: 01:35 PM
May 18, 2024
United States: 05:35 AM|
Canada: 05:35 AM|
United Arab Emriates: 01:35 PM

Leaked Information Suggests No Release of Samsung Galaxy S23 FE Model This Year

Samsung’s last Fan Edition or “FE” smartphone, the Galaxy S21 FE, was released in January of the previous year, leaving a significant gap in the launch of new FE models.

Rumors initially circulated about a potential Galaxy S22 FE, but when it failed to materialize, speculation then turned to a Galaxy S23 FE, which was anticipated for later this year.

However, today, a trustworthy and frequent source of leaks, Roland Quandt, delivered a disheartening update for those eagerly awaiting the S23 FE’s arrival. According to him, there appears to be no indication of an S23 FE being released this year or any other time, for that matter.

However, we cannot provide precise details on what Samsung’s intentions are or what is happening behind the scenes. There are conflicting reports regarding the existence and launch status (or lack thereof) of this device, which means that you should approach any such reports with a grain of salt.

Although Quandt did not provide any further information, it’s reasonable to assume that he would have had some information on the handset if it was actually close to launching, since he is a regular source of leaks. This could possibly mean there will be no Galaxy S23 FE after all, at least not anytime soon.

It appears that  samsung does not favor the two FE models it has already released. These devices were designed to rival flagship models, but it seems that the company would prefer consumers to buy a previous year’s flagship device or an A-series mid-ranger for a comparable budget.

However, this is just one way to interpret the situation. We will keep you updated in case there are any changes.