May 18, 2024
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May 18, 2024
United States: 07:06 AM|
Canada: 07:06 AM|
United Arab Emriates: 03:06 PM

Hair myths, such as cutting hair making it grow faster and daily shampooing causing damage, are not true.

We grow up believing a lot of things, we continue to learn these things throughout our life through various points and platforms. For some reason we forget to question, we forget to filter truths from myths. We don’t ask ourselves how much of what we know is factual. We keep on believing it till we stumble across it shocked to our core, wondering what life has brought us to.

Therefore, here are some Hair Frizz Myth you need to STOP believing in!

Myth 01 – Washing Hair Every Day Makes It Drier

Washing hair has nothing to do with dryness when you have the perfect shampoo and conditioner. It is important to understand your hair texture and type before using the product as it could be the main factor that makes or breaks your hair. So, get yourself an Anti-Frizz shampoo like Pantene: Goodbye Summer Frizz! The 3 step collection with Shampoo, Conditioner and Oil Replacement cream. Using all 3 products together provides you an end-to-end solution, with 72 hours frizz control.

Myth 02 – Don’t Comb Out Frizzy Hair Often

Despite various posts on IG telling, you to quit combing frizzy hair, you must continue to do so. Combing hair is better for frizzy hair! This activates the sebaceous glands that secrete natural hair oil on our scalp. Combing will coat the hair with sebum helping it against the frizz.

Myth 03 – Nutrition Does Not Play A Role In Hair Damage

Your nutrition DOES play an important role in Hair damage!

The more lacking your nutrition is the more damaged your hair is likely to become. Make sure you have the proper intake of nutrition to avoid hair damage and consequentially frizz.

Myth 04 – Wet Frizzy Hair To Tame It

Although logically it sort of makes sense that wetting frizzy hair gives it the moisture it lacks because water equals moisture… but no. That is far from what it does. Wetting frizzy hair with water makes it even frizzier! So, it is important that you retain that moisture through options of anti-frizz serums and hair masks available in near by stores. Best recommended option for taming that unruly frizz is Pantene Goodbye Summer Frizz Oil Replacement cream which locks moisture for 72 hours.

Source: PARHLO